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Your Morning Brief will make clear the decisions required today to keep driving your business toward success.

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    Goodbye dashboards, hello decisions

    Stop trying to figure out what your dashboard is trying to tell you. Stop wrestling with CSV exports, Excel spreadsheets and Pivot tables. Instead, focus on deciding what needs to get done today.

    1. Connect your CRM

    A simple wizard will help you choose which insights to deliver daily, and who to share them with.

    2. Receive Insights Daily

    Review the top insights and priorities from your inbox over your morning commute or coffee.

    3. Take Action

    Help your sales team focus on the insights that matter most; then enjoy the rest of your day.


    Reports the way you want

    Choose from over 50 insights and alerts to focus on, or we can also use AI to figure it out for you.


    Don't have the insight you're looking for? Let us know and we'll add it to our roadmap.


    Works with ...

    We are building connections with many CRM systems, starting with Pipedrive.

    Pipedrive SalesForce
    Zoho SugarCRM

    .. with more Coming soon!

    Q & A

    Helpful answers to common questions.

    When will you launch?

    We are aiming to launch end of September 2019. If you subscribe to our list you will be notified of our beta testing period, final launch dates, and receive the lifetime launch price.

    How much will it cost?

    We will have a lifetime launch price for early subscribers on our list starting from a low price of US$10/month or US$100 per year.

    Do you store my private customer data?

    We don't use PII information unless they are in Deal Names. We will store profile photos and names of your staff to display rankings. Otherwise, we only need aggregate data for our reports.

    Why email?

    While e-mail may be considered old school, we feel it is the most universal platform to receive these types of reports. We are looking into other deliver channels such as Slack.

    Will you be integrating with other CRMs/Systems?

    Yes!!! We are looking at integrating with all the software you use to run your business: online stores, marketing platforms, and accounting software to name a few. Subscribe to our mailing list to find out more or contact us.

    What subscription tiers will you be providing?

    We will launch with 3 tiers: Single users; for teams; for Data addicts.


    Power your day with a Morning Brief

    Try a simpler, smarter, more pleasurable way to see “What’s next?” on your plate. Goodbye dashboards, hello decisions.

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